Papakura Post Office

a spazmodical zine


Photos of Hellingly abandoned Mental Hospital by Max Reeves

Conversation between a Mental Patient and his Doctor by Howard Slater


Photos by Max Reeves

Art by Marlowe Chan-Reeves

Commentary by Lois Olmstead, Josie Berry-Slater and Anthony Iles


Photos by Max Reeves

Blake's London: Art by Marlowe Chan-Reeves

Blake's London: Text by Steve Ash

Dialogue between Niall McDevitt and Aidan Andrew Dun

Leun Deun by Niall McDevitt


Photos by Max Reeves

Commentary by Tracey Moberly and Cedar Lewisohn






Photos by Max Reeves

Texts by Niall McDevitt, John Cunningham and Sarah Wheler

Art by Matthew Couper, Matthew Hyland, Mark Rathnall, Micalef Art by Byers Brown, David Beales, Marlowe Chan-Reeves, John Crow and Crochet by Katie Kaos and Unknown (left on Blake's grave).


A Manifesto by Niall McDevitt

Photographs by Max Reeves

Notre Brick Thrower Annotations (after Blake) by Matthew Hyland

Response by Niall McDevitt

LEUN'DEUN by Niall McDevitt

Other Photos by Max Reeves



Photos by Max Reeves


Photos by Max Reeves


Papakura Post Office is a Spazmodical Handmade in London by Max Reeves. Published by Entropy Press. THINK SMALL!!!

For more information about Papakura Post Office, contact Max Reeves.

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