Max Reeves


Photo books by Max Reeves


A collection of mostly landscape photographs taken immediately prior to, and during the COVID pandemic, looking at a land that is steeped in myth and anxiety through a side filter of folk horror and psychogeography with a touch of hauntology.

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“Mapa is a poignant meditation on time, madness and creativity told as a photographic travelogue, overland and through time, across France and via the lives and locations of three artists, Vincent Van-Gogh, Antonin Artaud and Jean-Michel Atlan.” – Frances Morris

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Diary of a Plague Time

Being a Photographic Meditation under Quarantine of ‘Marlowe’s Museum of Interesting Things’ in our Home in Spitalfields, London, during the Covid 19 Pandemic of 2020.

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The Tower

A circumnavigation of the Shard Tower in London at the height of the Corona Pandemic.

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I Remember a White Cat in Tangier

Max Reeves revisits Tangier in the footsteps of Bowles, Burroughs and Gysin

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100 photographs of Clapton Community Football Club by Max Reeves

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Travels with Chas and Dazed

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Poetry by David Erdos and photographs by Max Reeves

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Photographs of the forest of the Bethlem Royal Hospital.

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