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Privacy policy


We respect your privacy, and do our best to ensure that we collect only the minimum amount of information required to operate the site. With some exceptions that are explained below, information collected is not shared with any other party.

This privacy policy explains what information we collect, and how we use it.

Log files

Like most other websites, we keep a log of requests for pages and images hosted on the site. Information in the log files includes your IP address, the browser you use, the time of your visit, and which pages you visited. Aside from your IP address, the log files created do not contain any information that could be used to identify you personally.

Server log files are retained for a maximum of 6 weeks. Log files are not shared with any other party, except as noted in the Exceptions below.


If you use the contact form to send us a message, the email address that you provide will be written to a separate log file. We will use your email address only to reply to your message, and not for any other purpose. Your email address will not be shared with any other party, except as noted in the Exceptions below.

For more information related to email to or from this site, please see our email policy.


We may (but do not currently) use browser cookies to store information such as user preferences. Cookies that we set will not contain any personally identifiable information.

Because we load some third-party content, such as fonts or Javascript libraries, visiting the site may allow the providers of this content to set cookies in your browser.

Analytics and advertising

We use Google Analytics to analyze how visitors use the site.

This means that some information is shared with Google. However, we have configured Analytics to reduce the information shared to a minimum. The IP address of your computer – which might identify you – is anonymized before it is sent to Google. Other Analytics features that might support user tracking have been disabled wherever possible.

We do not currently use third-party advertising. If this changes in future, then any changes that might impact privacy will be noted on this page.


Except as noted, data collected is not shared with any other party. There are two exceptions to this.

  • Collected data, including any personally identifiable information, may be shared if necessary in order to protect the integrity of the site or supporting systems.
  • Collected data may also be shared where there is a legal requirement to do so, for example in response to a subpoena or a valid request from a law enforcement agency.

Right of erasure

Privacy laws in some jurisdictions provide for a ‘right of erasure’. To request the deletion of any potentially personally identifiable information we have collected, please use the contact form. Please provide as much information as possible about the information to be deleted, e.g. IP address, email address etc.